1. What style of photography?

Photojournalistic or traditional the answer is yes, there are times when we shoot photo journalism like when you’re looking away from the camera and times when we shoot traditional posed, like when we’re shooting the formal family pictures after the wedding ceremony. To best describe our style you can look through our wedding gallery site.

2. How far in advance should we book our wedding?

Most of our brides are booking a year in advance. Depending on the size of your wedding it can take up to a year or more to plan depending on how elaborate your wedding will be.

3. How long will it take to receive our images?

On average, we have a 2 to 4 week turnaround.

4. Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

Yes. Light is the language of photography because lighting is used to either set a mood or create a certain look. It doesn’t if it’s a dark venue or harsh sunlight, we’re capable of handling various lighting scenarios.

5. Will our images come with watermarked?

No, we do not watermark our images, brand them or use Logos on wedding images.

6. Do you charge for travel?

Yes, cost depends on how far we have to travel.

7. How will our images be available for viewing online?

All of our wedding packages include a free web page customize and set up for your wedding images, and will be available for viewing online for one year.

8. What if I lose my images, do you archive our wedding pictures?

Yes, we archive and store images on and off site for 8 to 10 years.

9. What type of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of our event?

We use Nikon professional equipment. We carry three camera bodies and a variety of lenses, in addition we also carry backup lighting equipment and lots and lots of spare batteries.